Our pricing is reasonable and no-nonsense. Many services charge per form, we base charges more on amount of time, work, and complication. Call for a quote, takes less than 2 minutes to get a complete estimate. Costs include consultation, electronic filing, direct deposit, and copy of tax return with folder with all your original documents. We also give discounts when our customers have all their documentation well organized. Referrals are also worth $25 discount. 

Here are some approximate estimates:

1040A or 1040EZ - $85

  EIC addition to 1040A - $20  ($105 total)

1040 plus Schedule A - $125

1040 plus 1st year purchased rental property - $150

NOTE: 1040, Schedule A, 1st year rental - $175

1040 with Schedule C Business - $175 to $200

NOTE: These very depending on number of entries. Many times startups have 5 to 10 entries

and can even be less.

S-Corp / C-Corp - $250 - $750
NOTE: These are based on amount of data that needs to be entered. 

Example: A small corporation can have a low number of entries and therefore is much less.

Note: Bookkeeping costs to get the tax data organized is $50 an hour during the tax season.